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About Me

Joanne Chevrette | Registered Psychologist

For over thirty years, my work has been my passion. My journey started as a therapist and continued to who I am today, a Registered Psychologist. The creation of my private practice in 2001 was the fulfillment of a long-term goal; to provide professional mental-health services to adolescents, families and adults.​

The early years of my work focused primarily on high-risk adolescents and families. I worked as a family counselor, addressing the issues and challenges that contributed to adolescent-parent conflict.

​Through this work I identified a gap in services being offered to at-risk and high risk adolescent girls. I co-developed a specialized program targeting this population which included therapy, in-home family support, education, life skills, and adventure/wilderness based therapy. During this time, I began my Master’s Program in Counseling Psychology.

​Upon completion of my Master’s and psychology internship, I opened the doors to Chevrette Counselling as a Registered Psychologist.

​The foundation of my practice is strong families and relationships. I lead my clients on journeys that explore inter-personal relationships, deepened awareness and healing trauma. 

​I have developed a successful practice through years of dedication and have a strong committed referral base along with a reputation in Calgary as an excellent adolescent, family and individual therapist.

​The wounded soul resides in many of us and I am honoured to be able to help in the healing process of my clients through this work.

Specialized Training
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